Donald love, first mission to shorside?
  • I Need Help!

    "Grand Theft Aero"

    The first mission to shoreside with Donald Love (the customs hanger) What do i need to do to beat this mission? The one where the columbians are all around? and tricks or tips someone can give me? Those damn Columbians keep on killing me.

  • THis one is Grand Theft Aero I presume...Yeah that's it I'm almost positive. Well I know exactly what you can do

    First, drive in a low car like a taxi or police car(not a sports car as they have little damage-tolerance) and drive in front of the hanger where the columbians are but quickly get out of the car. There is a glitchy quality of the game where your enemies won't fire at you if a car blocks you and them. Then just snipe the Columbians, get in the dodo, walk over to the panlantic van, and then drive a car to this stairwell across the street from the construction yard which is the road leading directly to the hospital. The stairwell is on the left side of the road right by the intersection for the belleville park road. Climb up there and snipe the columbians you can see in the maze of walls and then go inside the construction yard. DOn't enter the maze, just go into the half built building and shoot any more columbians you see. If you have any shots for the rocket launcher, fire those randomly into the maze. Then drive one of the columbian cruisers through the aze performing that car trick you did by the hanger and you are right there. Then just bring the package back to donald love
  • ya thats pretty much what I did with that mission.
    Sniper rifle is the gun of choice for me with this mission.
    Just stay close to which ever car you use... :thumbsup:
  • I pulled my car up near the planes outside the hangar and used the sniper rifle to take them out. Then i got the plane and did everything that was mentioned above except i threw grenades into the maze. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • As the guys have said, the key to this one is the snipers rifle. If you take your time rather than rushing in you can quite easily complete this mission without taking a single hit.

    The first (hanger) part is simple. Just get out of you
  • when you get to the construction yard use the top looking veiw like the ones from gta2 and gta, then launch some molotovs and grenades and you should be set. :2silly: