• i need some HELP ive taken all of our photos of the pc and transfered them on to the PS3,now i dont seem to be able to get them off of the PS3 and my wife is not a happy bunny :mad:.for my sake i hope you can help.thanks
  • By transferred you mean took them completely off your computer or just copied over?

    If you just copied them over (and still have the original files on the computer) just highlight each one, hit triangle and hit "delete" to remove them.

    If, however, you actually moved them completely off the computer just plug in your memory stick/ thumb drive, highlight the pic, hit triangle and select "copy". You may be able to make this process quicker by hitting the square button to group everything together in the one folder (the PS3 will sort by when they were put on the system) and just copy that folder. Then you will be free to delete them off as I described above.
  • ive completely deleted them from my PC the only copies ive got are now on the ps3 ive tried to copy them on to a memory stick but it wont let me copy any of them?
  • Ok, that's unusual, it not letting you copy the photos back. What were you trying to copy to and what did the system say when you tried to copy?
  • im trying to copy them onto a flash memory stick if thats right?
    were it says copy its just not highlighted,im sure ive copeyed them onto this before.
  • Some one must be looking down on me because when i tried it this morning it worked so ive no idea why it wouldnt do it the first place but ive got them all off of there.PHEW. :)
  • you lucky lucky B*&^*&*d good job or you would of been in s&*t then.
  • oh yes,i must be the luckyest man alive ;)