I Cant Belive It Was Me.
  • I woke this morning to lovely bright morning the sun was shineing there was barely a cloud in the sky (for a change) but i still was not feeling well enough to go to work again :( .
    so with a bit of time on my hands i thought i would have a browse on AP,and what did i find when i came online to my shock i was the member of the month :),i couldnt belive my eye's i had the golden crown,that cheered me up no end.
    so once again thankyou to one and all and im so proud of it im going to get my wife to make me one to wear when im in the house.............;)
  • Considering how much of a regular you are in the forums it was just a matter of time before you get the nod. B) Just be sure to keep the crown wearing in the house (and be careful of any pictures of that- the guys at work would have a field day with that ;) ).
  • thanks Lyndon much appreciated.:)