• Anyone know how to get the hidden package and other icons on the building opposite the phone where you get the Marty Chonks messages over by Tony Leone's garage.

    I can't find a ramp and it is too high to climb up on a car or van.
  • I cant get up there to. I tryed off the Sky rail track but that dosnt work. Anyone know?
  • Finally someone else has been trying.
  • I've tried some pretty over board vehicle ladders with all sorts of tall vehicles. I dont think thats the way. I also tried jumping the alley from the roof of the cab company building down the street but can't make that work either. whenever I see hidden packages on rooftops there is a jump or stairs somewhere in the vicinity, but this one is stumping me.
  • Finally done it, you need to get on the rail track either by the jump or more easily just drive up the stairs at the station and drive round the track.

    Provided you are going fast enough you can clear the gap and land on the building.
  • Ahh well, i was readin through these posts and was ready to help you but alexr cleared it up.