Cannot connect to PLAYSTATION network
  • Hello i am new here.

    I have my PS3 connected to a wireless router, with excellent signal, wich has WAN conection type PPPOE. I have static DHCP configured on LAN and my PS3 LAN IP registered on router's DMZ. However i can access any web page with my PS3 browser, but cannot connect to PLAYSTATION store. On PS3 internet connection test, connecting to PS network failed. Could there still be a problem with my router even if my PS3 LAN IP is on DMZ? I have a trendnet wireless router type TEW-432BRP. Do i need to free some port's on my firewall even if i have the PS3 on DMZ?
  • Router's are funny things- you set them up just so and sometimes they still don't do what you want.

    Having the PS3's IP address should mean you don't have to bother with ports. I will assume you did remember to click the "enable" button when you set this up.

    Sometimes the simplest solutions work best- at times a router may need to be power cycled to get things to take properly. I would suggest doing this and see if things improve.
  • DMZ - enabled, Reset been done, IP in DMZ double checked still doesn't connect. Hmm something is not right. In the PS3 Setting & Connection Status List it shows that NAT type is 2 :huh: but the type of NAT for router connection is 3 right? Has this something 2 do with the fact that I can't connect to the PS network? In Connection Test on PS3 it doesn't reach the part with the NAT cause it hits Failed on PLAYSTATION Network and Time Out after a minute or so. Am I missing something here?
  • Forgot I did Firmware upgrade also
  • NAT 2 should be correct- NAT3 is a more locked down type, with more of the ports closed. When using a router NAT 2 is preferred.

    Did you put the other settings in manually as well (router IP address, DNS addresses, etc.)? Maybe there is a number or two wrong in there.
  • Connection type on wan is PPPOE with automatic IP. Nothing set manually except for the DMZ. I know why is type 2 i've figured out, because the IP is on DMZ.
  • Ok, you may want to edit the PS3's settings to include the router's IP address as well as the subnet mask and the DNS servers. Sometimes the PS3 tends to have problems grabbing these automatically. You may also want to put the IP address you set up in the router in the PS3's settings also.
  • Manual settings done & no effect
  • You may want to try the port forwarding then- if that doesn't work you may want to consider a different brand of router (I suggest D-Link).
  • i know DI-624 i understand that works fine. But what ports should i foward?
  • do you have a yahoo id? so i can chat with you there?
  • Here are the ports to open up in port forwarding:

    TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    • UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, and 10070

    If you do decide to switch routers the DI-624 would be a good choice.
  • On DI-624 you have a wireless connection with lan DHCP? and it works without any magical setting?
  • I use the DI- 514 myself (just use the wireless 802.11 B for my PSP, using a wired connection for the PS3) but yes, the D-Link routers are very much simpler to configure.
  • Thank you 4 all the fast replys
  • Lyndon M STAFF said:
    I use the DI- 514 myself (just use the wireless 802.11 B for my PSP, using a wired connection for the PS3) but yes, the D-Link routers are very much simpler to configure.

    LOL I have a D link Dir 619 router and I have the same exact problem. I have seen alot of posts on the internet and it seems that many people have this same problem even though their other network devices can connect to the internet. It seems that the PS3's internal TCPIP stack has lots of bugs.
  • hi. can anyone help me i cant connect to psn but i can still use the internet. i have a zhone wireless router.thanks
  • We've said it before and we'll say it again- port forwarding.

    Check out the "getting Your PS3 Onlone" thread near the top of this section for the deets.