COD4........could it be a killer?
  • The mighty COD4 could this be the end for all other FPS?
    since I've had this game I've not really wanted to play any other game let alone another FPS,the graphics are just amazing the online action is just fantastic so with this comes a problem,no other FPS comes any where close to this that i have seen or played lately the graphics are bad or the game play is terrible (denied ops).I'm looking forward to rainbow six 2 when that comes out but will it come close to COD4 online or of will anything match it or will all FPS be over shadowed by the MIGHTY COD4.........? :D
  • I'm not going to ask why you posted this in Customer Service at first, steel (maybe you thought you were elsewhere in the forums?). I've moved this to the actual Discussion area.

    As for the topic, I can't see it being "the end" for all other FPS games. There will always be something else come along that will become "the chosen one" of gamers. They're a fickle bunch and can move on at any time to the next "big one".
  • no steal i gotta disagree man. i still thing theres allot of other big fish out there, yuove got rainbox six,quake wars (coming soon), front lines fuel of war,unreal and many more though cod4 is the best at the moment and will have a good stance in the next year or two EA's development on the new battle fieldgame should be good as we shouldnt bwe getting the cut down version of it, if anyones actually played the proper battlefield 2 game on pc ver very differant to what was released on consoles thats actually better than cod4 so the new non cut down version well receive is gonna be class. Also quake wars will also apparentley be a straight conversion instead of a changed crappy port. Then yuove got the new ones that wil appear from no where, cod4 is a fantastic game but producing 1 descent games only means other developers work harder to produce better games than their rivals.
  • you are probably right,ive got rainbow six and i thought that was a great game until i came accross cod4 but im hoping rainbow six 2 might be a match for it,not heard of any of the others you 've mentioned but as you say developers will hopefully try and beat cod4 than bringing out games like denied ops.:)
  • Yeah, a new game always comes along, dont worry about that.......;)
  • you should have a look at quake wars it looks ace
  • Quake Wars or UT3? Which do you think is or looks better?.....
  • quake wars my self but many would probably go for unreal but quake just looks more fun better landscapes better and more veichles and charachters are differant looking and damned detailed.
  • The gameplay seems very similar between the two of them (being PC-based games and all;)), so i suppose it will be down to a number of other things that will sway me as to which one to buy....:rolleyes:
    I could always buy both-thats if i suddenly got very rich...;).
  • damn lottery i never win
  • I know its a scam ey! ;)
  • killzone 2 is gonna be better than COD4
  • i am quite looking forward to killzone 2 i liked the first one i just hope it's not going to be just another let down like some of the other games.