• Well I am at staunton island or whatever its called and I have
    beat the missions for the mafia guys daughter and that one asian gang guy who owns the casino. And I have beaten the missions with the guys who say YEAH Man! alot (I forgot what there called)
  • sorry not got that far yet
  • this was fairly easy. all u need to do is have a tank right at the front of the door so u can get there quickly.u can find the tank cheat and others at a cheat site once u talk to the guy hop in the tank and wait for the trucks. when they get there run them over real quickly so noone gets out of the trucks. after u do that get out of the tank and run in front of the 1 armed guy. some men will run out from the coner so start shooting. if all goes well the job is done.
  • Well first of all diddy65, I hate using cheats until I have beaten the game without them. I have learned my leason on that before with my ps1. Beacuse you beat the game with cheats in 5mins. then after a while you get bored with it and you find yourself wanting another game. If I dont use codes my games lastibillity (on fun rate) stays up for a long time!

    Anyway, as soon as I posted this topic my little brother yeled and said "I BEAT IT!" I was shocked! I cant beleive he beat it that quickly and I tried it like 5 times!
    Anyway thanks for posting for nothing.

    ps. diddy65, I thougth you werent aloud to post a sites web address on these forms.
  • I just completed this mission, so for anyone else who is having trouble with it, the easiest way (i've found) to complete it is this:

    After whatshisname has talked to you, turn around and face the large truck parked in front of the building. Go to the left of that building and you'll find a pile of boxes. Jump up the boxes and on to the wall surrounding whatshisname's area. Run across the wall (towards whatshisname) and you'll see a bazooka and molotov c0cktail, jump over to them.
    Stand where you picked up the bazooka and aim out the gate, when the cars come, just shoot 'em.
    If there's any guys left (should be less than 3), just pick 'em off with a sniper rifle.

    Easy! :thumbsup: .
  • I just let one armes Phil handle the main gate and dealt with the cartel guys that try to sneak in the back way (where the hidden package is). It seemed pretty easy I rambo'd em all first try.
  • Do this one u guys....
    Park the Ol' Barracks in front of the gate, now they can't get in and yours to deal with as u like.... :thumbsup:
  • What i did is ran up on the box behind the building and jumped on the wall then ran on top of the crates where the free grenade launcher was sitting.