Games freeze after about 2 minutes
  • I bought a used ps 1 from ebay and it played fine the first day and the next and every time after that when it's on for more that like 2 minutes it freezes up. I opened it up but could find nothing unplugged and gently pushed on all the connections but still no luck. I also bought one from the pawn shop but it's missing the little black thing that holds the disc in place. It was mainly bought for parts. Is there anything I can do?
  • Did the eBay seller give you any sort of guarantee it was working? If so then you should contact him/ her and advise them the machine isn't working properly. Sounds to me like the fan inside doesn't want to do its thing and the chips are overheating.

    One other option (if the seller refuses to do anything and you don't want to go into a dispute with it at eBay) is make some use of the machine you bought for parts and maybe replace the drive in the (barely) functioning one.
  • It was quoted as working but no warranty after it was received. The other one I bought from the pawn shop was in worse condition, it was totally missing parts. I bought another system from another ebay store and it's guaranteed to work for at the 30 days. I'll save the fairly good one for parts for just in case. Thanks for the help