Just discovered media sharing help please
  • Thanks..
    I have enabled Media Player 11 to share it see's my PS3 and I have enabled it full access..
    I am able to play some of my music but alot of it seems to be missing or I can't find it where the other music is..
    I have over 50G I am sharing is there a limit to how much you can share or how much the PS3 can see?
    When I access my music I only see the music that is in the playlist inside the PS3 folders..
    If I click the Music folder I get an DLNA Prorocol error 4405 or 2206 I think..
    Are there certain folder I need to put my Music and Photo's and Video's in??
    so the PS3 can see everything I have allowed to be shared?
    Are there any threads on this already?
  • I have noticed after looking around in the music folders I have..
    The one's that get recognized by the PS3 have a little file tag at the top of the music list in the music folder..
    It's called an M3U file it's only a few kbytes in size..
    So the folder that the PS3 can see have this little file and the one's the PS3 cannot see don't have it..
    Now the one's that do have it, they are all different sizes but still only in kbyte size..
    Now I assume I can just take out all my music from the folders that don't have this file and just put them in a folder that does and it would work I guess..but maybe not..
    I would like some insight on this matter before I move 50G of music around all over the place..
  • You can share any folders you like, you just have to specify those folders within media player. It probably would be a good idea to get the music you want shared with the PS3 pulled together into the one place. That M3U file is a small index of sorts the computer uses.

    As for the tunes it is missing, that may be due to incompatibility with the PS3.