Games will play, but no XMB! Help!
  • I have been playing my ps3 on a 1080p television (connected via HMDI), with the resolution set to 1080p via the XMB. I just moved the ps3 into a different room and hooked it up to a 1080i television (also with HMDI). When I turn on the ps3 with a game already inserted, it loads and plays just fine. But when I hit the ps button and try to quit the game to get to the XMB, my screen just goes blank and only the green light on the ps3 remains lit. I also tried taking out the game and just starting the ps3 with nothing in it, but it still doesn't bring up the XMB. Just the one green light on the console and a blank screen. Does this have something to do with the fact that I didn't change the setting to 1080i before moving the ps3? Is there something I can do to get around this? Help!

  • Get the system into standby mode then hold down the power button until you hear a couple of beeps- it will detect the different set up and go with the settings it detects.