• Im trying to find the wyrm called fafnir on mt bur ominasce they say hes at silverflows end in a blizzard but everytime I go there amidst a blizzard i never see the wyrm what must i do to fight him
  • Ok this mark hunt will only appear when theres a blizzard in the Paramina Rift (Silverflows End). One way of automatically triggering a snowstorm is by talking to Relj (Your 'real' client), Or by zoning in and out of the area and hoping a Snowstorm will occur.
    When a Snowstorm occurs you need to go to the southwestern part of silverflows end. You can enter that part by taking the southeastern exit out of the Karydine Glacier. However way you get to the southwestern part of Silverflows end it doesnt matter, he should just be somewhere in that southwestern part.;)
    Good luck, he is a very hard battle with lots of hitpoints. You'll need to be well prepared and of a high rank...:)
  • thank you ive been after this for awhile
  • No worries. If you have any more queries you know where to come...;)
  • ok now i found these bottles in the fishing minigame one blue,one green,one red, one yellow,and one black what do i do with them
  • Ok, each bottle gives you a clue which will lead you to a certain location.

    Blue bottle:
    The blue one will say 'Truth lies just beyond falsehood' CDZCKZMCRANZS. In other words think of this as the next letter in the alphabet is the right one. Look at the code and use this method and it will read, 'Deadlands boat'. This location is located in the Nabreus Deadlands. You'll need to look in the 'echoes of the past area' in the southeast corner.You should find a sunken boat with a faint glow emanating from it. Examine this glow and the bottle shatters. You will recieve an X-Potion and a Wanly-Limned message, 'River....unde....o'...(These messages need to be used later on.)

    Green bottle:

    The green one says 'Skip on stones to far banks shore, by skipping stones return once more.SSADLNIAKLADHAUETDNREA' right. Simply start at the beginning and write down every other letter. When you reach the end of the line, go back through it backwards, still skipping every other letter, and the clue should come out nicely as SALIKA HUT NEAR DEADLANDS. This hut is located in the center of the Piebald Path in the Salika wood. Again go to the faint glow and the bottle will shatter, giving you a green-hued message, 'Forest.....rgro....w'...

    Red bottle:

    The red bottle says 'Foothills rise in mountains’ shadow. NhIiQsTUrEe. Separate the capitalized letters from the others and then it’s a word scramble. The answer comes out as 'Quiet Shrine'. There are a number of shrines located in the Mosphoran Highwaste. This particular shrine is located in the Northwest corner of the Babbling Vale area. Again there will be a glow and once explored an exploding bottle. You will recieve than a Holy Mote and a Vermillion message ' Fire......undb.....h'.

    Yellow Bottle:

    The yellow bottle says 'Dragons stir among the eaters of the wind. 1 2 - - 5 - 7 - 9 -'. You will need to travel to Cerobi Steppe and it should then become apparent that the 'eaters of the wind' are the windmills.;) The code at the end of the message signals what to do with the windmills. I suggest turning No1 on. This means that you should turn 2,5,7 and 9 on. The rest symboled with a '-' should be turned off. Upon completing this you will recieve an Auric message 'Ash....ridge...e'.

    Black bottle:

    The black bottle says 'Easy as a, b, c, so count yourself luck. 19-12-21-9-3-5-7-1-20-5-18-1-20-19. The numbers are referring to letters of the alphabet. (1-A 2-B) etc.. Pick out the letters the numbers say and you will get the message 'Sluice Gate Rats'. These rats are by the Sluice Gates which is in the Garamsythe Waterway which is located beneath Rabanastre. Look for the rats scurrying around the south side of the room. Follow them to their hangout spot by a faint glow. Here your bottle will shatter and you will recieve the last Ballistics message, an onyx message that reads 'Darkness....eton....e'. You will also recieve an elixir.

    Now you have these five messages....You may want to work them out yourself? If not you know where to come for any help....:)
    Good luck in getting this far....;)
  • thanx again for all your help
  • No problem....:)
  • so they lead to gilgamesh right? i found him on a bridge underground leading to nowhere and he gave me another fishing pole now what?
  • Gilgamesh has given you a demon rod called Matamune Ok. With the Matamune you need to head back to Estersand and Ruksel and select the upstream area and start fishing. After quite a long time and lots of 'perfects' you will finally be rewarded with the Cactoid Compact - this item will allow you to access the Hidden Shoals area...
    So you now need to start fishing in this area and again you need to keep getting 'perfects' and you will then be rewarded with the cactoid commendation - this item opens up the Den of the River Lord...
    So, in the Den of the River Lord you will have to catch the King of Nebra. (He has an eight-button command and you will have to catch him 9 times to land your reward!)...But dont worry you dont have to do this in one trip or get them all 9 in a row...;) So, when you finally land him you get a great reward (wont spoil the surprise;)) and that is the end of this side-quest. Congratulations!.....:D

    P.S. - If you are stuck in actually catching him i can post his eight-button long command up, so you can memorise it and catch him easy. Just ask....:)