• Do any of you gta3 masters. :laugh3: Have any tips on beating Aukuza, whatever her name is, Essperso-2-go mission I' usually about to finish but then I either can't find the bridge or a tunnel

    Any help will very helpful :D
  • you need to plan out your attack, you also need to know where the tunnel is .
  • I sadgree with ssvfireman. The bridge is MUCH faster. Before the mission, drive throughout SSV, Staunton, and Portland so that all 9 shops appear on radar. Then make sure you use Ray's bulletproof patriot and run them down. Don't get the car all beat up. Save portland for last in my opinion because if you do it first and lose the patriot, it is much harder to do the mission.
  • The easist way to do this mission is to memorize the location of the bridges. Then search each island without hitting one of the stands. once you find them all get a patroit and start hunting. you shoud start in shoreside vale. I wouldnt sugesst using the bullit proof patroit because if u move quick enough than the guys in the stand wont even shoot u. I hope this helps u.
  • Here's how I did this mission.
  • the easiest way to do this mission is to drive around till every little purple dot comes up on the radar then once you have drove around and founf each one you go to shore side vale egt the 3 the go to staunton and get the 5 then go to portnald and get the rest.
  • There is a few different tips here on this mission.... I have tried a few different ways of doing this mission myself.
    I gave up trying to finish this one tonight and will start fresh tomorrow and I will use some of the tips you guys have given me. And I will use the BF patriot this time! :thumbsup:
  • let all the
  • Its been some time since I did this mission but I was able to finally pass it.
    Well now I am playing the game for the second time and I am now at this mission again :o .
    Dam! I am having a go of this darn mission once more!!!!!! always just as I am going at the last one I have to fight off a cop or something and I lose..... makes me go on a killing spree...... :angry:
    I.ll get it sooner or later.....


  • i done this mission last night what i did was i driven to portland and got the two lights on the map and then i did the same on the other two islands and i started at the last island and then middle and last and i beated it w/ 2:35sec on the clock!.!.!
    P.S. i beated gta3 again that makes two times for me hehehe
  • This mission is all about doing your homework and learning the maps. After failing several times I took about 30 mins just to drive around finding all the targets and planning my route.

  • Originally posted by Gideon@Jun 7 2002, 04:29 AM

    Knowing where you are is half the battle.

    Amen brother!!!
    Having just starting my second game I have got to this mission and I am not sure what happen to me, but its like I forgot the easyest routes.... I always start out in Shoreside vale then pick off the two in Portland and jet across the bridge to Sautaun and hunt down those five stalls but I somehow have to fight off the pigs or gangs before I can find the last one :angry: Anyway I havn't played GTA3 for a few days now cus I am a hot head and I need to cool down first.... :lol:

    I think I will have to break out Ray's favorite off road bullit proof SUV for this mission....

  • just one thing-the rocket launcher can make this level a lot easier. you can get through it without damaging your vehicle. the Espresso stand in St. Marks is the most dangerous to go after, but if you drive past the crusher/8-ball's area, then up the hill to Salvatore's mansion, you can shoot the stand with a rocket launcher from the end of Salvatore's driveway without being seen by any Mafia.