Splinter Cell & DIE HARD
  • ok for some reason i cannot make game comment threads so some one please move this thread.

    OK does any one else think Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) looks like Detective John McClane from Die Hard?

    what did you guys reckon about the new movie any way?

    i think it was good but cant match the original.
  • The Game Comments area is set up to just allow staff to make threads to elicit comments about specific games. Considering part of your thread here pertains to asking about opinions on a movie I think the general discussion area here is a better fit. B)

    As for the last Die hard movie, too much flash and not enough substance. It tried to hide the thin plot behind the crapload of action sequences. They should have left things as a trilogy and cut things off at "with a vengeance".
  • yea

    apparently Bruce Willis hated filming die harder
  • die hard 3 was funniest "not even god kn ows what your doin mclain !" , 4 was good except for the plane that was crap. not to sure about sam fisher stopped playing after pandora though they where very good games.
  • what made 4 good for me was the sound effects the gun shots sounded very real and the bit where he battered the women ive bnever seen anything like that and found it rather entertaining.
  • 'With a vengeance' was my favourite by far. Bruce willis was at his best. And yes it was very funny...:laugh:

    As for the 4th installment, it was Ok, i enjoyed parts of it. Still if your tired and sleepy dont watch it! It does put you to sleep very easily. Believe me i know.;)
  • i reckon sam fisher looks like john McClane from the latest die hard not the old ones were Bruce willis was younger

    just sam has hair