playstation2 marvel ultimate alliance
  • HELP!! I am stuck on marvel ultimate alliance for ps2... its pretty close to the beginning but im new to the gaming world so please dont laugh....anyway i am fighting a guy called mandarin(something close to that anyway) he sits up in a booth and sends down guys through a teleport called ultimos to fight me. There are also spiders coming out of the walls that explode. The team can be transported to his booth but once we get to the room where Mandarin is there's always an ultimos up there with us so it sends my team right back down with a message saying "can't be teleported with an ultimos". Does anyone know what the secret is to beat this guy?
  • The key here is to destroy the Ultimo in the room where the mandarin is holed up. To do this lure one of the exploding spiders into following you through the transporter (shouldn't be too hard as they are attracted to you). Once it is destroyed you will be able to teleport into Mandarin's room and continue the battle.