• Hi

    I need some help; i bought the PS2 Pink to my kid, and when we play the shrek 3, we cant pass the level 2 (docklands - shrek can
  • You should be able to break the crates as wel as the gate using the light attack button.
  • my 4yr old grandson has this game (he does well and enjoys it) and "we" get to the same place as mentioned in the above thread, the gate and the treasure chest, and we are unable to open either one. A screen help appears and it says to use the "square" button on the hand controller, but this does not work. What is the "light attack" that is stated in the above reply? can you say what buttons to use?
  • That would be the square button. B)
  • hi, i am facing the same problem as well, and i tried using the square button but also can't seems to open the chest or push the gate, was it somewhere in the game i missed out doing something that causes this? pleaes help thanks!