Ps3 Freezing ! ! !
  • Hello guys!

    Well I have never had a problem like this before. Ever since I installed the latest updated 2.17, my PS3 has been freezing a lottt!! I would put on COD4, and play about a minute, two if i'm lucky, and it would freeze! I can still hear the sounds of guns in the background, but sometimes dont hear anything anymore. This was a really stupid update since they hardly gave any specs. about it. It was a little mysterious, mysterious enough to mess up my system :( I have heard quite a few people having the same problem. What can be done? Any updates coming up? I really dont think this is internal, my PS3 is always clean, and played about 1-2 hours per day!:(

    Any help would be appreaciated

    Thanks a lot
  • The purpose of this last update was to stabilize the online playing experience, according to Sony. Seems to be mainly Call of Duty having this problem- myself, everything went smooth.

    I think if you do a reset of the system it should clear things up (at least, that's the info some have had from Sony's own tech support). If that doesn't fix it you may have to contact Sony- chances are they will say to send it in.
  • ah ha i had this problem with army of two and was really p*ssin me off but next time i played it it was cool probably this update may of caused it.
  • Thanks Lyndon and thanks Sfjp.

    I have tried other games and it is doing the same thing, sometimes I would not load a game, just go through all the menus and all, and it would freeze. Its awful. It makes me think that it broke or something haha. I definately am not going to buy another one if it is messed up. I got my PS3 from America (i'm in Canada) and I dont really have the receipt anymore! So hopefully there is a way I can send it in to Sony!? I just really hope that it is something with the UPDATE. The system was never overplayed or anything like that, its always clean etc.. Is it possible to downgrade to an earlier firmware? And after it freezes I restart it, I even turn it off (back of the playstation) and it keeps doing it. Ever since that update:(
  • The toll free number is for all of North America, snake, so you can call them and ask about your options. Chances are, as you don't have the receipt, they will want to charge $150 for the fix. The number to call is 1-800-345-7669.
  • Also, how can I backup all my stuff? Like saved games, and a couple of PSN games that I bought?
  • Just go into the game save utility, highlight the save and hit triangle- you will see an option to copy in the menu to let you copy to a memory card or flash drive you have in the machine. There are a couple of games that do not allow copying of save data- nothing that can be done there. As for the PSN games, you would be able to re-download them at no charge once things are fixed. Just go to the Download List on the PlayStation Store.

    BTW, if you do send your system to Sony, be sure to de-activate the system first- you do this in your Account Management. This keep that system from counting toward the 5 you are allowed to download to with most PSN games.
  • Ok, I got off the phone with Sony US and the technitian tried some stuff over the phone, but after I couldn't even turn it on anymore, I mean I can power it up but it wasn't detecting a video signal. My TV would still say NO SIGNAL, after a bunch of tries I got it working and I did the System Restore, and that did not fix anything. So he told me to send it in, $159.99, for repairs, and if it is a bigger issue then they will exchange it. I really think that this patch had a big part to do with this, everything was perfect before it. Ah well, I guess thats the only option I have now?
  • Other than pay for a whole new system (which you said already you would not do), no.
  • Oh alright. Um, I questioned the technitian on the phone about it all and told him that I "heard" from a friend that I should deactivate my PS3 before sending it in. He says "dont even worry about that" And I can't find that feature for some odd reason? on my XMB bar I go to Accounts Management? then what do I do?! ANd I didn't really understand what you said earlier of what the deactivation really does? Also, lets say I try to reformat my whole PS3, could that maybe solve the issue? Also would I still have my rankings from COD4 etc...(Even tho the game files/saves would be deleted) thanks!!!
  • Once you go to "Account Management" in the PlayStation Network menu go to "account management"- you will see an entry here for "activate system". You should be able to de-activate it there.

    As for what it does, the games, add-ons, etc. can be downloaded by your account on up to 5 different PS3 systems. By de-activating your system before sending it will not count as one of those five.

    Not sure if a restore would help any but it would be worth trying. It won't affect your online rankings in any games as that is stored on the servers, not the PS3. Definitely back up any game saves you want to keep first.
  • Ok I will try Lyndon. It is kind of bad because sometime when I am in the middle of the process it freezes (XMB) so overall I usually have about 1 minute of the system running before it freezes! I have a 2gb SD card, I went to GAME Utility or what not and I dont get any pop up menu that says COPY ALL, do I have to do this individually?:(