I need help on extra mission of gta3
  • I beat gta3 but I'm having trouble beating a side mission.
  • Dont feel alone ryanhnc10, I am stuffed if I can find those 2 cars either. All the others were pretty easy to find, just the mafia sentenial was a b!t*h as they dont like me much after I whacked there boss (he he)

    Maybe someone can enlighten us on where to find these cars.
  • The BF injection (beef injection geddit?) is in the area where El burro calls you oan the phone, in the diablo turf, it only appears after you have done so many missions...it is a dune buggy that catches some serious air. your main problem will be avoiding the temptation to pull off INSANE stunts before you geddit safely back to the garage!

    cheers Bro!
  • You can get the BF Injection after you whack the mafia boss.
    Go to the Diablo turf phones after midnight.
  • Thanks a lot guys.