• i'm having a hell of a time with "pay day for ray" and kenji's mission with the classic cars, any one have any tips or a code to slow time?
  • The key to the time mission is practice, pick a fast car that you can handle. I like the banshee more than the cheetah and infernus, even though it is not as fast, I find it easier to handle.

    It is justa case of learning the cities, and the fastes pat to and from your goal. On the classic car one, a couple of tries did it for me once I found the fastest way to the cars.

    this lowers the need to take your eyes off the road or slow down to check the map.

    Don't rely on cheats fella, it is possible to do it without. you only cheating yourself. Keep on trying persistance brings its own reward.

    I am about 10 missions ahead of you and I have used no cheats yet, save em for the second time round, don't waste you investment by rushing through the game with cheats dude.

  • i only use cheats when i'm really really stuck (like now, 27 try) or when i'm just going on killing sprees, mostly use the weapons or tank fer that
  • I had great trouble on those too. My advice is if you want to make it easier, use the better driving cheat(which I did not use). but anyways, know the routes very well. On kenji's mission, drive carefully once you jack the car but fast as well. Avoid crashes going to the cars and make sure you know the exact placement of the cars like the back of your hand. For the payday for ray, you have to be very quick. Avoid crashes especially because they really slow you down. Also know where the phones are exactly.
  • This is the latest mission I am working on right now...
    Ya same problem getting the cars and trying not to smack em.
    It does take some practice and knowing the fastest routes but I'll get it like all the rest of um... :2devilish: