• Hi there im starting to get bored i need a game with massive online play or at least guaranteed games online Army of two has no one online in the uk and have already got cod4 and warhawk both excellant but need another game any suggegtions welcome.
    apart from paradise,motorstorm the second one will be out soon and unreal i have cod4 and wouldnt really need unreal.
    Thanks Again Samuel Pennington.
  • Hmmmm....I would truly recommend Resistance if your looking for another online FPS, with a different feel to both Warhawk and CoD4....
    Other than that, i would probably wait a while.... I'm sure a lot of massive online games will be released soon enough....I'm hoping a big MMORPG may be on the cards.....??? You never know...:)
  • but with guns that would be ace and landrovers instead of horses
  • wait for the new phenomenal game "The Club" i hear it's going to be great! before i forget.... its a MMORPG.... If that doesn't work, Splinter Cell Double Agent is class another game is an online card game..... The Eye Of Judgment
  • Quick correction- The Club is not an MMORPG, it's an action/ shooter (and somewhat mediocre at that).

    There is an MMORPG in the works for the PS3 called The Agency- no firm word on when that is arriving just yet, however. For the moment the only thing I can suggest is Burnout: Paradise or, for some lighter fare, you may want to check out Everybody's Golf: World Tour when it hits at the end of the month over there (the North American version, Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds, lands tomorrow).
  • the club as in segas i didnt like that, eye of judgment looked cool just really expensive.
  • sfjp@hotmail.co.uk said:
    but with guns that would be ace and landrovers instead of horses

    Fallout 3 comes to mind. Its not am MMORPG but if it has online that will be awesome....:D