• had my ps3 for a while now. works fine except it wont play any DVDs. its connected through HD and i've tried various dvds with upscaling on and off but it just wont work. recognizes the disc but when i try to play it the screen just goes black, console stops responding and i have to turn it on and off again.

    i've got the latest updates too.
  • Jenre, what format of PS3 do you have? DVDs are still firmly region coded so a Japanese or North American PS3 will not be able to read them- PAL DVDs will only work in a PAL system. The only thing that is region free (mostly) are PlayStation 3 games.
  • yeah its a pal ps3
  • Ok, just wanted to be sure of that.

    I think the PS3 is switching to a resolution that the tv can't handle for the DVD, resulting in the black screen. Do some experimenting with the video output settings on the PS3, maybe unchecking all but one, save that and try the DVD. If it doesn't work you can reset the PS3 and try another level.
  • so i tried a dvd through AV with no upscaling. worked fine. tried upscaling through HD afterwards and it worked perfectly, on all settings. very weird.