Playstation Network - Playing with players in different countries
  • Hey folks. Had a question I've been unable to answer on my own doing my own research.

    I currently live in the US, and I don't own a PS3, but I'm thinking of buying one. The deciding factor for me buying it will be if the online network that the PS3 has is able to cross country borders. My boyfriend lives in the UK, and we were looking to start trying to play Guitar Hero 3 together.

    I wasn't sure if this was a question suited for the game itself, or for the PS3 itself (because I don't know how the PS3 network works, to be honest), but... is it possible for a US PS3 owner and a UK PS3 owner to both have Guitar Hero III, log onto the network to play co-op or compete, and play against each other? If not, is this just an issue with Guitar Hero III, or are players in different countries unable to play together with the PS3 at all?

    Thanks in advance!
  • Some games are regional while others will let you play anyone worldwide- it's all dependent on what the developers/ publishers want to do.

    The servers you connect to (most times) are dependent on what region your version of the game is for. In other words, to connect to UK players you would need the UK version of the game.

    I can't tell you for sure if GH III allows global play (Activision's support knowledge base doesn't cover it and the instruction manual is useless) but considering the potential lag issue and the differing release times for downloadable song packs, I'm guessing not.