Import/export garage portland
  • :2silly: Ok at the import export garage at the docks in portland i have almost completed the list except for one car....Mr Whopee. I know it is an ice cream truck and ive only seen it once in mob town in portland. I was wondering if anyone else has had this dillema trying to find the car???? :2silly:
  • I also had this problem.

  • To get a Mr.Whoopee start of fire-engine mission in portland and most times the first thing you will have to put out will be a Mr.Whoopee.

    This is how i got my Mr.Whoopee.
  • I think it's fairly random what vehicle you come across when doing the emergency services side missions, but you can often find vehicles that you would usually not see in that area.

    (i remember spending about a day doing police and fire missions all over to try and get my hands on a bas**rd securicar with no luck
  • I got mine from vigilante which is very easy to get but my second run through the game I used an easier method. Once you beat turismo for El Burro, play the mission I Scream, You Scream and capture the ice cream truck. do the requirements of the mission but don't blow up the truck, just snipe the guys who come out and check it
  • thanks alot for the tips but i found mine doing some police missions in shoreside :2silly:
  • MR. Whoopie shows up for me in shore side vale by the rich housing and the cartel mansion during the day. Just listen for the "jingly jingly"
  • Mr woopee should show up in staunton island by where you can buy rifels form the army guy. :cool:
  • mr woopee can be founf in shore side vale near the houses in the hills around there some time and around the import/export garage in shore side vale too you'll fin it eventually
  • Just wondering.. How do you get this Emport Export mission done in Portland?
    I am running out of things to do in this game but don't know how to get any of these numbered doors to open???? Can anyone tell me what to do????