Help in Ridge Racer 7 !
  • Hi ! I don't like the racing games , so i can't be a perfect pilot .
    But i like enough Ridge Racer 7 , and i want to finish it .
    I must take only 3 duel - monstrous , crinale & angelus - and the 3 final opus race , but it's TOO HARD for me !
    How can i do it please ?
    There is another question : i have 100 points with EVERY factory in the game , but when i take 100 points with the sinseong motors , i haven't the special machine . Why ?
    Many many many thanks !!!!!!!!
  • For the moment all i can suggest is some tweaking on your car selection and the tuning- some cars are better than others for certain track types.

    As for the special machine from SinseongMotors, I can't say why that happened other than a glitch within the game itself.
  • I have only the JUJAK in sinseong motors .
    There are other cars available ?
    I can't beat ANGELUS , so i'm very :frown:
  • I can't say for sure if there are more available from that manufacturer- you said it didn't reward you the car from there, which is why I mentioned that.