Okage Shadow King Problem
  • When Okage Shadow King first started selling, I bought it and it worked fine. I always dealt with it carefully. I got out of the video game phase for a while, then returned, finding my game. I was eager to play, but among putting it in, it didn't work. No damage has or had been done to either the game or the playstation. I wondered why, but I got out of that phase again. I then stumbled upon the game today, buying it at a store and excited to play it. The game disc looked fine, perfect actually. I put it in, and it didn't work either. Is there something wrong with the line of games possibly? Can you help me out? Where could I find a game that actually works?

  • Sorry to say but I think the problem is with the PS2, not the game. To find out for sure try a different game in the PS2.