tomb raider anniversary
  • hi we are really stuck on killing the centaurs on level 8 i think it is. we keep trying to do the adrenaline dodge but it just doesnt work. we never see the grey reticules appear on screen, all lara does is roll when we press the circle. we have been trying to do this for a week and its getting tiring and putting us off the game, we have looked on the net for help but nothing we try seems to work, please can you tell us if there is a cheat code so we can skip to the next level, or if there is anything that can help us. many thanks to anyone who can help.:eek:
  • You also have to be locked onto a target by holding the L1 button for the adrenaline dodge to work.
  • How do you change the language modes on the Tomb Raider Anniversary playstation game? My 5 yr old changed it and I can't figure out how to change it back. Makes me feel stupid for asking, but I just need to know. I am tired of not knowing what they are saying!:( :frown:
  • The language selection should be in the game options on the main screen.