Special mission's
  • I got the police bribe after killing 14 criminals and have read about the souped up cabbie for dropping off 100 pasengers (did 40 passengers in a row last night for big bonus cash, now 50 passengers to go). What about paramedic and firefighting missions? Is it worth doing a bunch of them, what do you get?
  • POLICE vigilante = police bribe

    AMBULANCE = health thingy at hide out

    Fire truck = i dont know

    Taxi = Borginine taxi
  • you can get up to 6 police bribes if you do enough vigilante missions. you get 2 bribes in each city.

    i believe i got the flamethrower and molotove ####tails by doing the fire truck missions.

    also if you do all of the paramedic missions you get a health powerup, adrenaline pill, and infinite run.
  • how many paramedic missions are there?
  • there are probably as many paramedic missions as you feel like doing.