Delivered like a pro
  • I started delivering a bunch of cars to a garage across from the dam in shoreside vale.
    Does anyone know how many cars it takes to finish this job??
    It would be helpful if they told you what cars you still needed...
    Thanks! :2bored:
  • If you're talking about the Shoreside Import / Export mission (the garage around by the Fudge Packing company at the top of the hill), then the list is pinned up between the 2 garage doors!!!

    Here it is anyway:

    BF Injection

    I find this mission easier than the Portland one - the majority of the cars are easy to find (you can get half a dozen of them usually on the road infront of the garage!).

    For me the vehicle that took me the longest time to find was the Idaho (you'd think they'd be everywhere, but they all seem to disappear!). You can always find one in the car park arond the back of the casino in Staunton though
  • Gideon is right about the list on the wall. Every time you deliver a car there you will also notice that name will be crossed off the list so it is easy to see what you have already delivered.
  • Thanks Gideon and Shagger!
    I found this mission by accident... I was just looking around for packages when the door opened and it said they didn't want that model... I said What??
  • it took me a long time to find a stretch limo it was hard to find the idaho wasnt hard to find for me though!!!
  • I finished this job today.. I must have been blind not to see the list right in front of my face.. :laugh3:
    I did have a little problem finding the limo but the idaho I had remembered seeing in portland in a parking lot so I just went and got it. I did save the BF Injection in my garage in portland some time ago cus I knew I would need it later....

    Has anyone besides me notice that when you are collecting these cars you always see a whole bunch of
  • yes i notice that too its wierd your looking all over and bam you find one get in it and there tons of cars that you once couldnt find
  • ive noticed that yo oly find the cars you ned whn you dont ned them.when your not loking for them they are everywher when you are there are none to be found :2silly:
  • the reason when you are driving in a car that more of the same appears is the game loads sets of cars, and when you're in one, it loads an extra set of that car. Also, any car that is in your posession[i.e. stored in one of your hideouts], more of the same will appear more frequently. The reason the BF Injection never appeared is because the only place it is ever found other than someplace you put it is in that parking lot in Hepburn Heights. Also the game has the AI to cheat a bit to make the appearance of a limo or something very rare when it is one of the only ones you're looking for. It took me 4 total days of almost non-stop playing to find the stretch yet right before I started the SSV garage, I saw at least 3 every time I passed through SSV, if not more.
  • there are exceptions to that rule, i never see another Enforcer police van unless i'm four or more stars into a crime wave.
  • You can see the 'sports' cars when you're still in Portland sometimes when you're doing the vigilante missions.

    2nd time around i managed to pick up a Cheetah before gaining access to Staunton - it sure made Turismo a lot easier!

    The problem you'll have is trying to get the 'vigilante' car in one piece - you have to trash it just to get the criminal inside............

    However, if you press pause and then unpause the game when you are actually chasing a perp in a vigilante mission, the dude will stop and get out the car without you ever having to touch it!!!!!

    Simply swap cars and drive your new wheels back to your garage and save!!