D-ice's driveby mission?
  • wen i do d-ices mission on shoreside vale (the telephone one) i find it really hard to do the driveby and kill 20 of them i think it is so is there ne easier way to do it...thanx i wud really appreciate it...
  • well you have to get the cartel truck thats what i did thats next to da phone and try no to get hit by the people that are trying to kill you (people in van) my suggestion is never ver get out of you car unless its abou to blow. go around up and down the side walks shooting them dont bother trying to kill them by running them over because that wont do anything and getting out of the car and shooting them doesnt help either so just follow this and you might make it :)
  • You just have to keep drive-bying them. It took me like 20 tries!Sometime you're just gonna get lucky and have a few extra nines scattered about. Also, try to shoot up the vans that are after you because it'll slow you down usually and because you are shooting up the vans, it attracts the hoods and you can nail some more nines. there's no real trick or loophole to this mission, you just have to be efficient and lucky
  • I am trying to finish this mission myself... done it a few times but just can't get it together...
    I think doing S.A.M. was a little easyer for me and I really enjoyed that mission... Oh well I will give D-ice's driveby another shot tomorrow... :2devilish:
  • This took me several attempts and was quite frustrating at first (not more frustrating than the nines not being there at all because of the 2nd time around saved game glitch though!).

    What i found was the best place to take out the nines is not the road right by the telephone. If the telephone is on your right then head down the road until the road turns to the right and then just keep driving up and down this stretch (after the turn).

    I found there were way more nines around and also fewer vehicles seem to bother me. Try it out and see what you think
  • I had a tough time with this mission too, but I eventually found an easy way to do it.