How to do i get this mission started
  • I have a few missions left and this is one of them!
    I have done all the missions in Portland that I can think of but have not come across this one yet.... Did I somehow lose it or what?
    I know you have to go to the harbour and look for the numbered doors but nothing happens when I take a car down there. :(
    Any tips you can help me with I would be greatful for ;)
  • i dont under stand what you mean can you give me more details thanks (charles)
  • Wolf, take one of the cars they want down to the garage in the harbour. Try something like a Patriot and the door should open, then go from there.
  • there are two garages with a posted sign listing all the vehicles you need.
  • ok its simple, go get a yankee or one of the big commercail trucks by the gate when you enter the place then go with the truck right infront of the door it dhould open you park right infront of it then get out of it and step out into the open then it should say on your screen you deliver like a pro deliver the rest and you'll get your reward, or something like that and you do the same for the rest of the cars. :thumbsup:
  • can you give me more details thanks (charles)[/b]

    Sorry Charles...
    I was asking about the mission in Portland harbuor which is to deliver a bunch of cars to those garages down there...
    I now know its like the mission in seaside vale next to the dam... :2silly:

    Thanks for the tips Juggleknot,Theve1tch, and A.J :thumbsup:

  • Thanks to all.....
    Just about finished the export/emport at Portland....just need the bus and the dodo..... where do i find the dodo??
  • i am not shoure about this car but i think the dodo car is the one that looks like a viper.and if that is the right car go to 8 ball place and look in the car lot and it will be in there i hope this helps
  • The dodo is the plane!

    (the sports car in Portland by 8 Ball's is the Banshee)

    To get the dodo go to Shoreside Airport - there are 3 dodo's dotted around the place - look for a red and white plane with short wings - they constantly respawn, so don't worry about 'using them up'.

  • Hummmmmmm. thats what I thought Gideon..
    I couldn't figure why anyone would want a wingless plane.... But I couldn't remember seeing a dodo car.
    Well that will be somewhat easy to get! But now that I need the bus I can't find one anywhere!