• i need help on the mission where you have a sniper rifle and you have to blow up the boat. its the mission with 8ball. someone please help 8ball always gets killed!! wot do i do??
  • Well what I did, I went and perched my self up on the first level of the stairs fasing the boat. Then I sniped the two guys at the entrance up to the boat (by the two blue trucks). Then I sort of followed 8-ball with my scope, and sniping any guy that got in his way. Until you snipe them all and then he puts a bomb inside the boat and KABOOOOOOM!!!!! It took me about 3 or 4 times to beat it. ;)

    If this doesnt help go to a videogame site that has a stradegy guide for this game. like cheatcc. :2spin: or something else.

  • Just get ontop of the roof accross from the boat. Then start sniping, I started at the bottom of the ramp and worked my way to the top then right from the top of the ramp. Don't miss anyone though because they will take 8-Ball out in a hurry. From up on the roof it took me two attempts.
  • cheers people ive done it now. but now im stuck on the 1st mission on staunton island, killing salvatore.
  • ok ive done that mission now, and im not stuck at the moment!
  • go up ther and kill them