Steering wheel problem (Mad catz mc 2)
  • I bought a ps3 1 year ago and also bought the ps2 to ps3 adapter for the controller. Everything was working great until playstation decided that the machine needed an update. Now when I try to use the steering wheel, as soon as you press the gas pedal, the engine of the car will wind out and blow the engine. Also, the ps3 isn't recognising the controller through the adapter like it used to (it still recognises the controller through the ps2 setup but not the ps3 setup) Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • Don't think there is too much that can be done, riptide. Both the MadCatz wheel and the adapter are third party items- Sony hasn't yet put out an official PS2/ PS3 controller adapter. It's possible other PS2/ PS3 adapters will work better than the one you have now.
  • Thats not the answer I was hoping for, lol. But I thank you for your response. I've looked hard for weeks trying to find another adapter, there are none to be found right now. Besides that, I really think it has to do with the down load from playstation that messed things up. It used to work perfectly.
  • Well, Sony would prefer people not use the adapters as they are completely unlicensed for use with the PS3- it would not surprise me to see some sort of blocker code in the firmware updates.

    In the end you may want to considera new steering wheel such as the Logitech Gran Turismo sets. They are pricier but they are also licensed.They have a new steering wheel designed for the PS3 around the same time as the release of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue- it is compatible with the PS2 driving games as well, from reports I have seen.
  • Thanks for the information. Do you know if the steering wheel is out on the market yet ? And how pricey do you think it will be ? I'm a big nascar fan, so do you expect that the wheel will work for the easports titles ? Sorry for all the questions. I just found this web site this morning (and im very glad I did). It's been very hard to find answers to my ps3 problems.
  • The new Logitech wheel is coming out in May, just a few weeks after GT: Prologue comes out- you can have a look at it along with the details I put up in our news article about it here.

    The wheel itself is a bit pricey at $150 US but at the same time has more features on it than other sets. It should work just as well for the EA racing titles.
  • Well, you were right ! I contacted "Mad Catz", and Sony did place a block on their steering wheel. Oh well...... looks like more money is going to be coming out of my pocket .......