Spanked up madmen
  • Anyone got any tips how to do the Kingdom Come mission for the Jamaicans where the madmen run up to you and explode.

    I keep trying to shoot them with the Uzi but then one of them comes from behind.
  • you must blow up there vans its is real hard there vans are parked by the exits
  • If you shoot them by the vans the vans blow up but what's the best strategy to use - stay in the middle and keep moving or something else.

    I try and keep moving but they always find me.
  • What I did was stay in my car when the first guy hits me and then get out of there. One guy will follow you(maybe) but you can shoot him from a safe distance. I then went to the army barracks place and got a rocket launcher/bazooka and then blew up the vans from a safe distance. It took one or two goes but its a lot easier then staying there and fighting!! :thumbsup:
  • that works too
  • I did the same thing as nosaj, but I couldnt go and buy the rocket launcher yet. So I drove out of there and went around the bilding to a place where the guys cany get you. So then I just threw some grenades and molotov ####tails to blow up the vans.
  • Cheers for the help, finally done it.
  • This got me for a while too, what I found was jump out of the car and immediately rocket launcher the two vans to your left and right....then run for a corner changing to a machine gun, and walk towards the remainin van shooting the madmen as they get out....their explosions will destroy the van in no tim at all...

    Was a bit frustrating though, took me a few goes to get it.

  • I have a totally different approach from those who have responded. Try this. prior to accepting the mission, steal a tank or use the code and put it in the parking lot that the mission is in. Since the game saves tanks, once you arrive to the parking lot, get out of your car and run as fast as possible to the tank. Once inside, the madmen can't do crap. They are just like shooting rockets at tanks, which doesn't work. So easily just pickoff the vans and let the remaining madmen run into you and you finish. :2devilish:
  • yeha i found the stair case too and used it to my advantage :2silly:
  • I had a go of this mission too!
    After I got wasted a few times I learned that if I stay in the car... then I clip one of the vans and as it is blowned to pieces I then jump the car over the wall. Turn the car around then jump over a wall next to the stairs.... I then get out and sniper the guys I can see and use a rocket lancher to pick off the rest of the vans..... I had one smack man chase me across the road but I was able to shoot him with my flame thrower.... :laugh3:
  • Just wanted to thank everyone who posted advice in this thread.