The Legend of Dragoon
  • [quote] On Disc 4 of The Legend of Dragoon, after using Coolon to fly back to recover missing items and complete quests, how do I return to Zenebatos to complete the game? I notice that I have a Coolon icon on my map screen, but none of the controller buttons accesses it. There is also a gate to Zenebatos in Snowfields, but, when I try to access it, the gate reads that Judge Nomos of Zenebatos has ordered that it not be used. Now that I have finished all the sidequests and equipped myself with the best money can buy, I would like to get back to Zenebatos, Mafil and climbing the Divine Tree. Can anyone advise me? :2devilish:

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  • Gate? Oh that. This doesnt mean anything. Atleast I dont think so. What you have to do is find out the code to get to the signet sphere. The guard guarding it has it (talk to him twice) Then go through that Law thing (remeber wait behind the line and wait for your turn) The place were the gate is isnt anything just walk through the door, but be prepared for a tough battle, but if you win you get good items. The death thing area (i think that is were you want to go) you must get to the signet sphere in the law town. I havent played the game in a long time, but I think I have an idea of what your talking about.
  • [quote] The issue here is the return to Zenebatos. Is it possible to summon Coolon to carry Dart back to Zenebatos? If so, how? Clearly, the team has already been to Zenebatos and may well have lost the signet sphere to Zieg, as indicated in the PRIMA Official Strategy Guide, prior to utilizing Coolon to go back to previous locales to obtain missed Stardust and weapons or to complete sidequests like Flauvel/Faust. The question is how to get back on track. The original route to Zenebatos was through a teleporter in Aglis which has now sunk into the ocean and cannot be reached through Rouge. How does one get back to Zenebatos? I gave up on this problem and went back to an earlier save point to complete the game from a point where I never used Coolon to leave Zenebatos. This is a cop-out. What is the answer to the question?
  • I believe, and I'm not totally sure, that if you take Coloon out of Zenebatos, that if you are on the world map, you can press the square button, and then use Coloon to fly you back to Zenebatos.