Where can i find these cars?
  • Does any 1 know where I can find the following vehicles in GTA3 (hopefully without cheating)

    Mr Whoppee

  • You occasionally see flatbeds around but you can get one from the army compound on staunton (near the tunnel to Shoreside next to the coast).

    The whoopee ice cream van I have only seen once after a mission for the diablos. I've finished the game and you can't go back so if you've done that level it could be too late.

    Don't know what a thrashmaster is.

    Securicor is on a couple of missions for Ray on Shoreside, again if you've passed them it might be too late.
  • just do the firefighter missions, and you will come across them after a while, but what i need to know is where is the bf ingector.....
  • I found the Flatbed, Securicor, and Trashmaster in different Districts on Staunton Island. Mr. Woopie can be grabed on an early mission or wait till Shorside Vale. Its nice once you deliver all the cars to the buyers in Portland and complete the list you can grab any one of these cars (or any others on the list) from the garage you deliver them all to. Handy
  • Trashmaster you see occasionaly on staunton and shorside vale, they appear in groups of 3 or 4 usually.
  • you can usually find specialty cars over by the stadium in staunton hope it helps :2silly:
  • gozer mentioned the BF Injection... I have found this *very* Rarely in the park by the Diablo Contact phone.
  • The BF injection appears when you have done so many missions. I have only seen it once I have finished all the portland missions and it appears and dissapears at certain times of the day. hang in there it will be found. It is good fun!
  • I picked up a Mr Whoopee doing vigilante missions in Staunton. As for the others you're just going to have to be patient. The best place to get them is to drive around the stadium in Staunton (usually between 18:00 and 22:00). It took me a while to get the securicar, but i got one in the end. To get the trashmaster and the flatbed the best vehicle to be driving (i've found this anyway) is the barracks OL (which can be picked up at the army surplus place which is located in the area you need to be driving around as luck would have it.

    The bf injection can be found in Portland by the el burro phone after 21:00 (and up to 11 or midnight). It only becomes accessible after you've completed a certain mission in Portland (i can't remember which one, but its one of the main ones, so if you've already accessed Staunton, it should be available).