network suddenly stopped working
  • I have had a ps3 for 3 months now and up until the other night no problems.i was playing cod4 cage match with some guy for about two hours.I left the game to the friends list and it started acting funny.The aviatirs would not load and it would not let me send friend invite's.I tryed going back into the game.I choose play online and when it says downloading game settings it signs me out.It has been the smae story with other games and has been signing me out now for the past 4 days.It is not the connection because my brother can still paly xbox live.i also have my ps3 on wireless it has a 60% signal strength.It has good ventilation room also, so i ma completly confused on why this sudden break down has occured.Can anyone help me please!!
  • I think one of the problems is the signal strength- the wi fi card inside the PS3 is not as good as one may find in the wireless adapter for the 360 and needs better signal to go wireless.

    Have you done any settings changes in the router such as port forwarding? If not you may want to try that- maybe the settings got changed somehow in there to close the ports you want to use.

    Of course, it may be a simple mater of having to "power cycle" the modem and router- before doing anything else turn off the router and modem for a minute or so, then plug in the modem again. Once it is showing normal, plug in the router again