Please help me to get a tritton ax360 to work with PS3
  • I have a PS3 80 gb connected to LCD monitor with HDMI to DVI cable. I bought an AX360 and connected it to the PS3 via optical cable. I changed the "Audio output settings" to "Digital out (optical)".

    I turned on the power for "Ax360" and plugged in the headset to that decoder box. But i couldnt hear any sound in the head set. So i replaced the headset and having same problem with the new one too. :(

    Please let me know if i am missing anything.
  • Did you make sure the volume for the headset was turned up a bit? There are separate volume controls right on the headset along with the controls for front, rear, subwoofer and center on the AX360 unit itself.
  • yeah...i tried with maximum volume too...

    i increased the volume to 10 in all the four volume controls(front, rear, subwoofer and center) but still no sound in the headset.
  • Sravi, there is another volume control on the cable of the headset itself- check that. It is possibly set to off.
  • Hi Lyndon,

    I see only 4 controls in the headset cable (in the oval shapped in the middle of the cable). Please let me know where that another control in the headset.

  • Hmm...what boxes did you check for supported audio when adjusting your settings on the PS3? Try going back into that and only put a check in the top box, then save the settings.
  • I checked the 'Dolby Digital 5.1", "DTS 5.1" and "AAC" as the output format.

    The "Linear PCM 2 Ch.44.1kHz" and "Linear PCM 2 Ch. 48 kHz" audio formats are checked by default and i couldnt uncheck those.

    This is the head set that i bought from amazon. in the review its mentioned that it works with ps3. Tritton True 5.1 Digital Audio Headset with AX360 Audio Xtreme 360: Electronics

  • Try unchecking the DTS 5.1 and AAC boxes, leaving the Dolby Digital 5.1 box checked.
  • yeah...i tried that too...No luck:(
  • Hi Lyndon.. Its working now... i was such a fool that i didnt remove the covers in both the end of the optical cable. :D

    thanks a lot for your help.
  • Ok, that would do it. Sometimes it's the little things we forget. Good to hear things are working, enjoy! B)
  • I HIGHLY recommend you to throw away the headset hahaha




    Spend $16 on a good optical cable, and this pair of headphones sounds better than my $99 Bose (the highs are not so good, but the megabass is second to none)

    Playing video games, you can hear every gun, even the motor engine, vibrate in your head, really cool

    So stop blaming the headset, or the PS3, realize that's a cheap $5 cable you have there that's damaging all your experience