• I just recently recieved a 3.52 m33 psp off of ebay. when i got it, there were multiple problems that seem to be happening with MANY m33's(from what ive found on the internet). First, start button doesn't work(the only way to activate it is to turn the hold switch on and then off), when i press the home button the only way to be able to quit is to turn the hold switch off and on, sometimes the down button is held in game (annoying!), in the internet browser the address entry bar acts weird(whenever i press on it, it goes to it and immediately exits like i pressed done, this makes the internet browser completely inoperable) The only thing i can find on all this is people saying maybe ur buttons need to be replaced and i know this is not the case. Please! i need answers!!!!
  • The only thing I can think of is the firmware messed things up somehow (maybe whoever you bought from messed up the install and sold it).

    As for what you can do, I'm honestly not sure. We don't endorse the use of homebrew on the PSP here so chances are there may not be many here that would be able to help.