• every time i click onto post a new thread it says i dont have perrmission...................no idea? :huh:
  • Is this happening in any particular section or everywhere?
  • it says it when i try and click on it when not in the actual forum page
  • Ok, that was confusing. :eek: What section of the forum is this happening in, steel?
  • sorry for the confusion:redface: .
    on the sign in page it says new thread i press on that and it says you are not allowed for several reasons and it does the same when i click on new posts and try and click new thread there it tells me the same thing.
    hope thats better ;)
  • That still doesn't tell me where in the forums you are getting this, steel- there is no "new thread" button on the sign in page. Tell me the specific forum section (PS3 Game Comments, General Discussion, etc.) this is happening.