tradeing in games......"HOW MUCH"?
  • I noticed yesterday that rainbow six 2 was out so i thought i would go and trade a couple of games in at the local games store for it,so i took rainbow 6 and RFOM with me.
    Thinking to myself i would get at least thirty to thirty five pound for the two of them of i went, so i asked the guy behind the counter how much i would get for trade he replied....................... TWENTY THREE POUNDS for the pair .......HOW MUCH,is that it?
    Bareing in mind the games retail at about forty to forty five pound a go even now i think what he offered was just daylight robbery,he may aswell spat in my face and kicked me in the nuts with what he was offering for them.
    So how come games are so expensive to buy brand new but when you try and sell them back even if they are not that old and they try to rob you.
  • Thing is, they have to make a profit on the used sale too. Doesn't make much sense to buy them back for the same price they will sell them for.

    This is the same no matter where you go- you are more apt to get the price you want by selling locally via postings in classifieds/ on public bulletin boards or online via eBay or craigslist.
  • I no they have to make a profit but if i bought a game for
  • gamestations got fair trade in prices might be worth going there in future.