Playstation 1 games on Playstation 2
  • Our second slimline PS2 stopped loading games so we bought one of the first larger PS2's but after a few weeks we've come to realise it's not loading Playstation 1 games, it says 'disc error' I think. We removed the PS2 memory card but still the same fault. Any idea's would be appreciated?
  • You are getting that disc read error because the laser can't read the disc/ the laser is malfunctioning. If you are sure the disc is not at fault the problem is the laser itself, possibly a misaligned lens.

    To fix this yourself requires taking the top off and messing with a small dial on the drive itself- I recommend only doing this if you are absolutely sure of what you are doing as I have seen several people try this and later post about how to reattach the ribbon they ripped. You should be able to find a how-to by googling for "PS2 laser alignment".
  • or my old trick that worked was put in your ps2 game then on top of it put in a cd or a disc your not going to use insert the tray and it worked fine for me and a couple of mates. Think the weight makes it closer to the laser or something.