• I have a new "buzz the mega quiz game" and controller set, and after only a few times playing, the controllers stopped working. They stopped working during gameplay-- so no connection problems. Not all of the buttons quit working. I can't remember which buttons, but the same half of the them stopped working on all 4 controllers. I can't figure out what's wrong and hope you can help me.
  • Something may have happened to the bit of the USB cord that handles those buttons for them to go on all 4 controllers. There isn't much you can do other than contact Sony's tech support, who should be able to replace them for you at no charge under the warranty. Your other option would be to return it to where you purchased the game for an exchange, saying the controllers are defective.
  • I had the same problem with my BUZZ controllers. I sent them back and am waiting for my new ones. Did you get your new controllers and did that fix the problem? My problem was that the blue and orange buttons stopped working.