Portland - El burro last mission
  • I am trying to finish up the remaning missions on Porland island
    with el burro.... Okey I am running around picking up all the magazine I can and I do get very close to the red light district
    but I run out of time.... Do I need to pick up every bundle of mags or can I shoot past some of them??
    I know the clock is set back a second with every bundle I pick up...
  • I didnt miss any so I cant say. Keep trying the task is achievable without to much hassle, just get to know the area and know exactly were his magazine shop is.

    Watch out for El Burro's "Well endowed wrath" lol
  • Yes Worf, you can miss some of the bundles if you want, so no need to double back to pick any missed ones up. I think the only thing you have to do is get down to the end point which is located in Portland Docks. If you miss too many though, you'll run out of time. This is quite a tricky one and took me a number of attempts before i nailed it. The worse bit i found was trying to get through Chinatown - some a$$hole or 10 always seemed to get in my way. I found that if i had a serious crash (or doubled back to pick up bundles i'd missed) i ran out of time.

    Keep trying and look out for all those idiot drivers that can't drive gud lik what u can
  • Thanks EvilAaron and Gideon
    I will give it a go tonight after work.... I come home for lunch everyday and that is why I am on the PC....
    I would love to play a few games now but that would only make me late going back
  • Hey Man ive had the same problem. To get a better start push the van with another car foward to the spot that you think the first magazine is placed. This is how i passed it. :2spin:
  • Wow! Thanks for that tip Tek...
    I didn't know you could do that! I will give it a try... :thumbsup:
  • Thanks for the tip Tek!
    Pushing the van as far as I could really helped out!!
    Its funny you know... you can pust the van really far down the road ha ha ha!
    Man there was a lot of mags all the way down to the dock!
    I did get this mission finally done.... :thumbsup: