• I thought to get the BF Injection you had to go to Joey's at a certain time of day then pick it up at Misty's house (or where you pick her up to bring her to Joey's). Obviosly I am wrong since I have tried this many ways with no positive outcome. I cant remember where I read how to go about it so I figured one on the bright people around here could fill me in.
  • ok, by the turismo missions telephone in portland, at about 19:00 to about 24:00 the BF injection should be around there i know this because it took me along time to
  • AJ is right you need to be there around 20:00 to get it for sure. Its A great car but it has no doors :cool:
  • it has absolutly no traction to the ground i slied all over the place!!! :mad:
  • All I wanted it for is cause its the last vehicle needed to "deliver like a pro" in Shoreside Vale. Now I will be done all the import/export car theft missions, cool.
  • oh yeah you needed that for the one in ssv and i did that some import/export in about 30 minutes since i coldnt find "stretch" limo thats the only car i couldnt find the BF was one of the first cars i got but all in all its good to hear people excelling in the game!! hope you you have fun!!!
  • Like A.J. said, you can find the BF injection parked next to the building next to the phone booth that el burrio calls to.
    I found mine there at about that hour! It is now parked in my garage at my hideout in Portland. :2devilish:
  • i'm sorry guys but i have beaten this game twice and now i am playing just for fun and i went there a 21:00 and i dident see no b.f car.the only one i see is the one where i still the van and i get a little rc car can ya all help me
  • Mikey, inorder for you to get the BF Injection, you must have completed the "Sayanora Salvatore" mission from Asuka. Then the vehicle will show-up in Hepburn Heights Park between the hours of 1900-400.

    Hope that helps. :blink:

    [Changed just for you Mikey] :ph34r:
  • ok thanks.looks like i will be playing gta3 for a third time :D p.s.Evil Resident it's mikey not mickey.dont worry i get that alot!