Import export missions
  • Hey guys im stuck in this where can i find a bf injection and a strech these are the only cars i have left on this mission someone please tell me!~!~!~!~! :2silly:
  • The BF Injection can only be found in one spot only. It can be found sitting outside the garage of Misty's apartment between 19:00 and 24:00 approximately.

    The stretch can be found sometimes cruising around Staunton but the majority of them are driving around Francis International Airport or just outside of it in the district next to FIA on Shoreside Vale(I forgot the name, sorry). When I did that garage I found the stretch to be a b*tch of a car to find because I think the game's AI made the stretch appear rather rarely because I kept driving around FIA and none would appear. The best place on Staunton in my opinion to find the stretch is driving by the side of the stadium that is closest to the hospital. Hope this helped and good luck!
  • Hey thanx i found them all took me a little while but i did it!~!~!~!~! i was rather dissapointed on what you get though!~!~!! but hey if you want a 100% on the game u have to go through that lol!~!~! thanx!~!~!~!
  • What do you actully get for the inport/export missions, because im wondering if they are worth doing?? If the answer is considered a spoiler just PM me instead of posting here. Many thanks Thve1tch :thumbsup:
  • There is no reward for completing the garage except that you get 200 grand I think. You get that for every import/export mission and you can also gain a total of 27,000 I think by bringing all securicars to the securicar cracking garage on the Portland docks. The cracking garage is basically straightn ahead from where you enter on the left side by the line of garages. It is the one that says 2 on the front of it. There is a very easy way to collect the money. You don't need to find securicars driving around which is rare and them bring them to the garage. Once you have completed the Import/Export garage in portland, just keep taking securicars out and drop 'em off in the garage which is virtually next to the I/E garage.
  • Ok thanks for that dgooden0 and also thanks to Plasma Snake who PM'ed me the responce. I've started to do it now, and was wondering where is the best place to find the securicar and also what the hell is a flatbed (please dont tell me there commen, ive had the game 2 months+ and to the best of my knoledge have yet to see one). :erm:
  • Ok i've found a flatbed and compleated the inport/export on the first island. :) But heres my question? Where is the inport/export garage on the 3rd island? :( I've got the BF injection sitting in my garage along with a strech as this seem to be the difficult ones to get, but i dont know where they need to go.
    Some one please give me directions.
  • starting from the bridge, driving away from the Cartel mansion, turn right immediately after you get off the bridge and drive up the hill. the garage will be the first building on your left.
  • Thanks juggleknot, it took me a while to relise you ment the bridge near Pike peaks and not the one by the airport but now i've found it. :)