• Hello friends !

    GTA 3 isa great game. Just go out and get it. Now to my problem. How the hell do I kill Salvatore ??? It
  • Never mind. I got it !!!
  • I still haven't and it's doing my head in. Tried parking a fire truck in front of the gates but it disappears and the goons are so quick.
  • Go buy yourself a rifle with a scope!
  • He is pretty quick when he runs out the club so I chose to use the molotov ####tails and handgrenades.

    To make it easier you can get onto the top of the building opposite the club via some stairs and just chuck the missiles to your hearts content without any comeback from the mafia.

    The molotov ####tails are in several places but the easiest place to find is on Staunton Island over by the hospital near some steps leading up to a building.
  • Here's what I did,
    I didn't go by the club to kill him, I went to his base as soon as I got the mission in a taxi, then I used the taxi and one of the cars found in the yard to block the entrance, now they can't get in. Just wait like the perfect killer you are and they'll COME to you, then as they come out shoot the hell outta them or if you have some bombs or some ####tails blow the #### outta all of them....
  • You can also get motilov co*ktailes in the tunnel that runs from 8-balls shop to portland hourbor. There are bums that hang out in the tunnel kill them they leave co*ktails. (theres a hidden package there also.)
  • what i did was to got to the top of the building across from luigis club and take salvatores head out with a sniper rifle. BINGO!!
  • For me I grabed a sports car and an Uzi and waited at the park down from Luigis (Diablos pay phone) so the mafia didnt spot me. As soon as the cinematic clip shows him and his henchmen leaving through the back door I burned up to the alley. Pull up to the alley in drive by view and turn it into a corrodor of death. Salvatore and every one of the on foot henchmen were dead before I could say his name and more importantly before any mafia cars start playing crash up derby. I also sniped and bombed him from both roofs and after reading dappys method I did it that way to ( hey he double crossed me had to kill him a few times). I found the good ol driveby worked best for zero return fire from the mafia, revenge is sweet.
  • I had a different method, call it neanderthall, but I foud that I could not take on salvatore and his men wit the three mafia cars there..... so all I did was take a car and block the exit route for the cars when they arrived.......a well placed handgrenade will nail the middle of the three cars and the other two will quickly follow. this is all done before Salvatore comes outside.....then I waited in the alley and as soon as a black suit turned the corner I threw a handgrenade down the alley to the area behind luigis club and whacked about 6 guys in one shot.....

    That left only Salvatore, who got a back full of buckshot, cold blooded killer style! it worked for me, although a sniper rifle form a rooftop would have been neater.....who wants neat....I wANNA LEAVE A MESS FOR #######S TO SCRAPE UP!

    But anyway, that's me!
  • :mad: being that I am a hardcore high performance racer, i just ran his a$$ over.