Ladies of the night
  • Has anyone noticed how if you stop next to one of the prostitutes for a while she gets in and your money starts to come down.

    Also I noticed the hydralic suspension in the Yardie Lobos by pressing L3. Anyone found other tricks in other cars?
  • Take the hooker to a quiet place and get a good ride and bonus health. Raise your health total to 125.
  • get a van and if you do it right you can get 2 but they must get in at the same time :2devilish:
  • I'll have to try that, two's better than one. Does it give you more health for your buck?
  • yeah but what sucks is if you dont find a place to get it on fast you will get one ride and one passenger :2devilish:
  • Cool, I am going to try that out. MAN there is alot of stuff to do in this game! :happy1:
  • this also works with a limo :2devilish:
  • Yep, it works with just about anything except for a law enforcement vehicle, or a taxi.
  • [B] I just got this game and I love it ! I've yet to discover how to get the prostitutes in to the you just drive next to them
  • cool move jonm440, just get your money back heeehaaa.