memory stick slot help
  • so my friend was messing around with my psp. he has a micro sd card for his phone, and it came with a MINI SD adapter, he put it in the adapter and stuck it in my psp, but the adapter wasnt as long as the actual MINI SD's are, so now its jammed in there, and i cant get it out. any help?

    i've already tried tweezers, but i think that got it stuck even worse. :(

    any advice is greatly appreciated.
  • Oh heck- I think you may have to call Sony on this one. I have a feeling the only way that card will come out is via disassembly of the PSP. I hope you are under warranty and still have the receipt, otherwise you will have to pay for the fix. If this is the case, your friend should have to pay you for it, seeing as he was the one to break it.

    What i would like to know is why would he stick that in in the first place? Does he not know the PSP doesn't even use SD cards, just Pro Duo memory sticks (guess he does now, doesn't he)?
  • ehhh my psp is old. ive had it since the first week they came out, so i doubt the warranty is any good. i'm thinking im just going to sit down with my dad and carefully disassemble the thing and try. if worse comes to worse, i have been wanting that new Slim PSP :P heh, i was just hoping to be able to fix it. at least there are numerous tutorials online for disassembly.

    thanks for your advice
  • Well, if it does come down to getting a new PSP (the slim version is quite nice, i have the silver here) make your friend pay for at least part of it. Twit should have known better.