online or offline
  • This was something i was reading in a mag about games you can play online ,basically is nesscery? from my experience of the games that i have got i would definitely say yes the ones that usually it,i think it gives the games a bit more longevity.
    take cod4 i have never played a game as much as i have this one if it wasn't for online play i would have played it twice at the most and that would have been it,so i think all games should come with online capability,thats if the developers can do that with each game and have time to obviously.
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    These days, if the game concept lends itself well to online play then by all means include it. Most games are able to have some form of online play, even the retro titles. The only games that online multiplayer doesn't work is the adventure/ action games such as Uncharted or the Tomb Raider series.
  • ive been playing since i was very very young on an amstrad and was fine with single player the games where longer more challenging now i complete most games in the first day of purchase and even the rpg's arn't long enough so until they make quality game that take a while i think online is essential.