• I know that if you save with a car you have it when you reload, but how do you keep it. Mine keeps disappearing. Other bad news. I think I've stolen all of the banshees that the place will let me :cry:
  • If you put the car, car's in your garage they should be there when you load the game, I dont seem to have a problem with banshees as there seems to be an abundance of them. Every now and again I dont see any but after a while there are loads again.
  • When I load it only lets me have the last car that I put in. Oh well. I suppose when I move off Island i can use more than one garage.
  • Well yeah! What island are you on?

    Well the first one (portland) you can only store 1 car at a time.

    The second island you can store 2 cars.

    and the 3rd, yes you can store 3 cars!

    What I was hopping for in the game was a harley or a 0-60mph in 2sec. rice burrning ninja! They had motorcylces in the first GTA what happened?
  • I am glad they took the bikes out because there has been worldwide awareness to bike safety and them being in the game would not portrey them as being very safe. They also dont want people to get the idea that smashing into bikers is cool.

    I have mannaged to store 3 cars in the 2nd island. If you get a truck and park it in your garage so the garage cant quite close, the garage door gets confused. This is when you slip another stinger in there. But you must have the 3rd car ready and you must be quick otherwise your truck will dissapear.
  • I dont think the bikes are gone because of "wordwide awarness" since they would have remove the whole game for say "drive by shooting awarness" and "prostitution awarness" etc..
  • Does anyone know if you can store cars in Ray's garage? the one where you get the Bullet proof Hummer. And if you can, anyone remember where it is? i forgot.
  • [quote]I dont think the bikes are gone because of "wordwide awarness" since they would have remove the whole game for say "drive by shooting awarness" and "prostitution awarness" etc..
  • bikes would be crap! yes it would be funny to nail a biker but that does go against the idea of being safe with bikers and how can the dude be so good at biking that he can drive so mad well?! Also it's hard to jack a bike unless it is an ATV. An ATV wouldn't be bad but it is still like a bike
  • I am very aware of Bike riders on the road. I have 5 close friends that own and ride croutch rockets. When I play GTA3 I am puting aside my real life morals and enjoying a fantasy world where you dont worry about any
  • :lol: I can fit 6 cars in the garage on the second island and four in the garage on the third island and i do it by putting the car that i'm in right up against the garage door and i keep geting in and out of my car until i can fllor the car in to the gar age (it helps if the drivers door has fallen off )and that way you don't have to use a firtruck ( there is also a glitch where you can fit two cars in to the first garage
  • I think you may be a little mixed up there considering Shoreside garage is bigger than the Staunton garage.

    Fitting 3 vehicles and then power sliding a 4th into the staunton garage is perhaps possible, but 6
  • you can put 6 cars in the garage on Stauton Island, i've done it, but i only keep 5 cars in my garage, so it is possible if you know how to do it. It does take time to open the doors though, you have to push all the cars around and then you might not get into the one that you want.