Wireless network help
  • I have a PS3 that recently stopped allowing me to connect to the playstation network. I am using a Linksys WRT54G V8 router. The firmware version is 8.00.2 The firmware version on the PS3 is 2.17. The connectivity problems started prior to the latest update (I just performed the last update by downloading the update to a flash drive). I've tried creating a static IP address for my PS3 and setting that address to DMZ. There is a good possibility that I have not done this correctly. I would prefer to manually open ports instead of using the DMZ option. If someone could give me a step-by-step guide on how to correctly set a static IP for the PS3 that would be fantastic.
  • To set a static IP address for the PS3 in the router, go to the DHCP Client List screen. In here you will need to enter the IP address you want to use for the PS3 as well as the PS3's MAC Address (which can be found by going to Settings, System Settings, System Information on the PS3). Check the Enable box at the end and click the save settings button at the bottom. If your PS3 is connecting wirelessly you may also want to go into the Wireless MAC Filter (under the Wireless tab) and enter in the PS3's MAC Address there, making sure things are set to allow addresses listed to get net access.

    Now, to forward the ports you need to click on the Gaming and Applications tab and from there select "Port Triggering". You will need to enter in the application name (PlayStation 3, playstation network, whatever you like), the port numbers and type as well as check the "enable" box at the end. Once everything is entered click the save settings button at the bottom.
  • There is no DHCP client list . I have an option to define my own Static DNS but there is not place to enter a MAC address.
  • It is there- on the first tab of the router settings click the Static DHCP button to see the client list. Enter in the MAC Address as well as the IP address you want the PS3 to have there.
  • I'm running a WRT54G v6 router firmware version 8.00.2. It does not support static DHCP clients. Does anyone know of 3rd party firmware that does not require flashing linux onto the router?
  • Ok- the manual I checked was for a slightly different model (the wrt54gs). You may have to make do with the DHCP assigning the address automatically. However, you can still enter the PS3's MAC Address into the client list (Wireless, Wireless MAC Filter) into the allowed online. The instructions for the port forwarding is still the same, however.
  • Okay, added the PS3 to the MAC wireless filter. Added the other computers on the network to ensure that was working correctly. I figured I would try to get the thing to work in DMZ mode before trying to try the port forwarding. I'm allowing the PS3 to choose its own IP address but I've checked to make sure the IP address matches the IP address that I've set up in DMZ mode. I'm still getting the 80710723 error code when I try and perform a system update to version 2.20. When I perform an internet connection test it is able to acquire an IP address and detect an internet connection. Unfortunately after those two tests it tells me I need to perofrm a system update so I do not know if it is able to connect to the playstation network. Judging by the error code, I'm assuming not.
  • Something in the router is still blocking the connection with the server- you may still have to open the ports in Port Triggering. One other suggestion would be to disable uPnP.
  • Tried both of the last suggestions. Still no luck. I could buy a long ethernet cord and try a wired connection, do you think that will do the trick?
  • It may help- it's possible the problem is in signal strength (or lack thereof). You'll still have to do the port forwarding but you should have a more consistent connection. We tend to suggest going for a wired connection if possible for just that reason.
  • After buying a long ethernet cable, the problem has been fixed. Thanks a ton for your help.